Solar Remote Monitoring System

Our Remote Monitoring System (“RMS”) is a technology enabled tracking solution that achieves real-time monitoring of Solar Power Generation through web interface based on our 0.5S class, 4 quadrant digital multi-function meters.

The RMS software is protected by User ID & Password with that user get real-time access to their solar performance. The Metering data of Solar Power Generation is transferred through GPRS connection to Web server. The user-friendly web-interface software shows the real time data.

Notification and Service Intervention Alarm gives opportunity for proactive maintenance and support.

  • High Resolution
  • Real Time
  • Rugged Construction
  • LCD Visible during daylight
  • Wireless Communication
  • Cloud-based Solution
  • Measurement : 4 Quadrant, True RMS
  • Accuracy : Class 0.5S
  • Auxiliary Supply : 85-265V AC 50Hz, DC 85VDC-110VDC
  • Voltage Input : Line to Neutral 230/110 VAC
  • Starting Current : 10mA
  • Operating Temperature : -10 deg C to 65 deg C
  • Enclosure : ABS Plastic
  • Dimension : 96 X 96 x 45 mm
  • Panel Cutout : 92 x 92mm
  • Weight : 450 grams

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