A catalyst to empower Solar DC solutions, our DC Optimizer maximises performance through module level Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) delivering upto 25% higher DC output.

Another innovative product from Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE) technology, our Optimizer has the unique capability to function in both series & parallel applications, limiting single point of failure in the system and Protected with IP67 safety standards.

Increased String Length
Increased DC Energy Yield
Optimized DC Energy to Battery Solutions
10 Years Replacement Warranty
Design Flexibility based on Inverter Voltage
Over Current Protection
Output Voltage Protection
Module Level Monitoring
  • Limiting PV Module output voltage as per requirement
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Output Voltage Protection
  • Over-current Protection
  • Series & Parallel combination is possible with respect to the application
  • IP67
  • PV Input voltage: 15V DC to 40V DC
  • PV Input (Open Circuit voltage): 50V DC
  • Optimizer Output voltage: 12V DC to 41.4V DC ±0.7V DC (Factory Configurable as per Customer requirement)
  • Efficiency: 96% or Better
  • Maximum Output Current: 13A

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